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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa X intitulat OUTCOMES ADVANCED, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Editia 2011




  1. Someone might pull out of a race or competition because they are ill or injured.
  2. Three things that are now obsolete (no longer in use) are record players, Routemaster buses, pesetas.
  3. The opposite of denying an allegation is admitting (to) an allegation.
  4. Someone might make a prototype when they are inventing something.
  5. The weather, a cancellation of some kind, your friend not showing up etc. can all ruin your day.
  6. To libel someone you would write something untrue about them.
  7. Companies can outsource factory workers, IT or call centre workers because it is cheaper.
  8. You might find loopholes in the law which could save you from being prosecuted. Lawyers might look for them.
  9. When people rampage through the streets they make a lot of noise and may damage things.
  10. People might freak out if they are scared or panicking.
  11. A government may need to bail out a company or bank because they are at risk of going bankrupt.
  12. A type of behaviour or dress might be frowned on because someone disapproves of it.
  13. You find inmates in prison.
  14. Most companies have to pay overheads for rent, utilities, supplies, etc.
  15. You might give someone a head start in a race because you have an unfair advantage over them e.g. a child


1.      He’s in a predicament/ a difficult situation.
2.    They’re stealing the profits.
3.     I fell asleep.
4.    It’s very expensive.
5.     It’s been likely to happen for a while.
6.    He’s always been a non-conformist.
7.     They make a huge profit.
8.    I really identified or sympathized with it.
9.    It’s a big fuss about nothing.
10.      It’s a good example of the government controlling people’s lives.
11.  I wouldn’t be so sure it will happen.
12.It’s an attack on people’s personal lives.
13. It is of interest to the baser side of humanity.
14.I could find a space for you.
15. We are in a very difficult situation in which neither course of action is desirable.


1.      F
2.    T
3.     T
4.    F
5.     F
6.    T
7.     F
8.    F
9.    F
10.      T

Exercise A
1.      where
2.    besides
3.     whom
4.    due
5.     with
6.    likely/ liable
7.     to
8.    during
Exercise B
1.      the vast majority are able to
2.      urged them not to
3.      the way in which
4.      with regard to
5.      blame government
6.      on the verge of

Language patterns

1.      correct
2.    This isn’t as hard an exercise as might be imagined./ This exercise isn’t as hard as might be imagined.
3.     There’s no demand for that kind of fabric anymore.
4.    At least he saw the funny side of the situation.
5.     correct
6.    He’s got this great big scar/ huge scar down one side of his face,

1.      from
2.      with
3.      throughout
4.      of
5.      for
6.      on
7.      in
8.      at

1.      positive
2.      final
3.      off-putting
4.      simple
5.      volatile
6.      lax
7.      specific
8.      mainstream

Missing words
1.      bid
2.      clash(es)
3.      appeal
4.      base
5.      leak

1.      confirm
2.      retract
3.      implement
4.      slash
5.      switch
6.      regain
7.      enhance
8.      jeopardise

Forming words

1.      technically
2.    coverage
3.     policing
4.    circulation
5.     symbolic
6.    authority
7.     directive


1.      C bid
2.    A hailed
3.     C seize
4.    B Witnesses
5.     A terminate
6.    B floated
7.     A consolidate
8.    C defaulted

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