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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat NEW INSIDE OUT – Upper intermediate- Student’s Book, autori Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones, Editura Macmillan, Editia 2009



Exercise 1 Page 66

1.      decided
2.    had traveled
3.    were counting
4.    had been living
5.     picked
6.    was cutting
7.     heard
8.    was coming
9.    looked
10.      had been putting
11.  heard
12. saw

Exercise 2 Page 66

a.     At 7.15 a.m. I’ll be walking in the park.
b.    At 10.20 a.m. I’ll be cooking.
c.     At 1.20 p.m. I’ll be dancing.
d.     At 8.10 p.m. I’ll be watching TV.
e.     At 1.10 a.m. I’ll be sleeping.

Exercise 3 Page 66

a.     will have finished my homework.
b.    will have ended my project.
c.     will have done the housework.
d.     will have moved to Paris for a long time.
e.     will have graduated the  university.

Exercise 4 Page 66

a.     Correct
b.    I had blond, curly hair when I was a baby.
c.     Correct
d.     When I was younger I had gone out every evening.
e.     Correct
f.       Correct

Exercise 5 Page 66

a.     seeing
b.    to buy
c.     calling
d.     eating
e.     loving
f.       to pass

Exercise 6 Page 66

1.      correct
2.    correct
3.    have cooked
4.    has happened
5.     I’ve cut
6.    correct
7.     I’ve had
8.    I’ve always loved
9.    correct
10.      correct
11.  correct

Exercise 7 Page 66

a.     was used as payment for work.
b.    Are eaten every year.
c.     Has been produced for 2,000 years.
d.     Is eaten by half of the world’s population.
e.     Are being thrown away by people.


Exercise 1 Page 67

a.     Self-conscious
b.    Reasonable
c.     Employable
d.     Visible
e.     Doable
f.       Unbearable
g.     Self-discipline
h.    Edible 

Exercise 2 Page 67

a.     pick
b.    let
c.     take
d.     call
e.     get
f.       keep

Exercise 4 Page 67

a.     bride
b.    groom
c.     best man
d.     confetti
e.     veil
f.       honeymoon
g.     bridesmaid
h.    vows
i.       propose a toast
j.       wedding cake
k.     bouquet of flowers

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