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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat NEW INSIDE OUT – Upper intermediate- Student’s Book, autori Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones, Editura Macmillan, Editia 2009



Exercise 1 Page 34

1.      ‘ve had
2.    ‘ve been working
3.    ‘ve met
4.    have travelled
5.     was
6.    were living
7.     was expecting
8.    had been
9.    were
10.                        were
11.   had to
12. had never seen

Exercise 2 Page 34

a.     2
b.    6
c.     5
d.     4
e.     1
f.       3

Exercise 3 Page 34

a.     isn’t
b.    don’t
c.     aren’t
d.     do
e.     have
f.       shall

Exercise 4 Page 34

a.     Could you tell me what time is it?
b.    Do you know where the station is?
c.     Do you think it’s going to rain today?
d.     Do you know where I can buy a sandwich?
e.     Where do you think is the best place for a coffee?

Exercise 5 Page 34

1.      helping
2.    to go
3.    to have
4.    to spend
5.     working
6.    to lend
7.     buying
8.    lending
9.    to pay

Exercise 6 Page 34

a.     he had got an idea to make some money
b.    he had been thinking about it for a long time
c.     he wanted to open a shop
d.     he could borrow some money
e.     he promised he would pay me back within five years

Exercise 7 Page 34

a.     were, would buy
b.    borrowed, would be
c.     won, wouldn’t keep, would give
d.     hadn’t had, wouldn’t have bought
e.     had known, wouldn’t have married
f.       were, would get


Exercise 1 Page 35

a.     6
b.    2
c.     5
d.     3
e.     4
f.       1

Exercise 2 Page 35

a.     collar
b.    button
c.     sleeve
d.     cuff
e.     belt
f.       buckle
g.     zip
h.    hem

Exercise 3 Page 35

a.     rearrange
b.    reconsider
c.     reword
d.     reconstruct
e.     relocate

Exercise 4 Page 35

a.     rusty
b.    aptitude
c.     pen friend
d.     dotes on
e.     in touch with
f.       barely speaking

Exercise 5 Page 35

1.      had
2.    taken
3.    having
4.    take
5.     have
6.    took
7.     have
8.    took
9.    makes

Exercise 6 Page 35

a.     blown
b.    rainy
c.     breadwinner
d.     peanuts
e.     loaded


Exercise 1 Page 35

A: impression, memorable
B: businessman, decision, designer, everything, talented
C: advantages, appearance, embarrassing, relationship, spectacular

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