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Carte Buchet Handmade Unicat - Oferta 80 lei !

 School is coming! 😍😍😍

Va propun un cadou handmade unicat realizat prin tehnica Book Folding, potrivit pentru doamna invatatoare, profesoara, educatoare, directoare, bibliotecara sau orice iubitor de carte. Cartile Buchet sunt realizate handmade unicat, diverse modele, acelasi pret 80 lei. 

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                              HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!!!

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duminică, 15 martie 2020

duminică, 23 februarie 2020


BOOK FOLDING... What does it mean? 
Book Folding is a very interesting art, it's a technique in which the pages of the book are measured, cut and folded by using a special pattern. The final result is absolutely great! 
Here you can see some of my books:

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